Come è difficile “il basic”!
Ogni angolo di rotazione è ben evidenziato e le freccette indicano anche che il peso del corpo va calibrato, perché funzionano tutte insieme, mica una per volta! 😉 Attraverso i simpaticissimi disegni si può imparare molto…


A Ballet Education

Apparently, once again I have to go in depth to defend my blog… and truthfully… At this point I don’t really care, with the exception of  recent negative comments and emails from other ballet bloggers and ballet teachers… Let’s talk about the basics of ballet and not the fact that other blogs rarely quote their sources, link the photos to the actual photographers so their readers can, at the least, have access to the photographer, and be bland… *shade* Blogs aren’t newspapers or literary journals… They are opinions… and if you don’t have anything nice to say… Just don’t say anything at all… Or post it on your blog… Seriously… *side eye* Another plus side… is my ability to doodle… so now I can just doodle everything I am talking about.


The basic principal of ballet technique isturnout. (click here to read post on turnout

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